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Moon Lunula Moonstone Necklace

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Material:Silver Gold Plated
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We present a beautiful necklace with a crescent moon-shaped pendant, known as a lunula, adorned with a natural polished moonstone. This extraordinary necklace combines a mystical pattern with the charm of moonstone, adding magic and elegance.

The lunula, a symbol of the crescent moon, is an ancient sign of the Moon's presence and its influence on our reality. It also refers to feminine energy, fertility, and the cyclicality of life. Wearing this amulet can remind us of the significance of the Moon's changing phases and the continuous transformation that each of us undergoes.

The moonstone set in the lunula adds an extra aura of mystery and intuition. Considered a stone of intuition, dreams, and emotions, moonstone has the power to harmonize energies and awaken inner strength. It's an ideal addition for those who value the magic of stones and want to carry an inspiring talisman with them.

The necklace is made from the highest quality materials, and the natural moonstone gives it a unique character. It's a perfect gift for any woman who wishes to feel close to nature, in harmony with life's cycles, and express her personality through jewelry.

Please remember that moonstone is a natural stone and although we use the highest quality stone, the intensity of the celestial glow varies depending on the inclusions in the stone. Silver <5g


The necklace length is either 42cm or 50cm

The diameter of the chain's beads is 2mm

The width of the pendant is about 25 mm - the pendant has a clasp allowing it to be transferred to any chain

The diameter of the polished moonstone is about 2 mm

Material: 925 silver coated with 18-karat gold


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