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Tree of Life Choker

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Material:Silver Gold Plated
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This choker features a mystical "Tree of Life" pendant, symbolizing natural wisdom, growth, and connection with the natural world. At its center is a faceted chrome diopside, valued for its energizing and harmonizing properties. Its intense green hue is reminiscent of nature's lushness and vitality, adding a unique character to the jewelry and symbolizing spiritual protection and growth.

The "Tree of Life" pendant is meticulously crafted to capture the complexity of this ancient symbol, representing the life force and the interconnectedness of all living things. The combination of this symbolic pattern with the energizing chrome diopside makes the choker not just a stylish ornament but also a talisman of inner harmony and intuition.

The choker is made from high-quality silver coated with 18-karat gold, ensuring its durability and elegant appearance. Its length is designed to be worn close to the neck, accentuating its distinctive style.

A chrome diopside choker is a unique gift that brings a sense of peace and balance, while being an elegant addition to any outfit.



Total length of the choker: 39cm - adjustable with an extension range of 33-39cm

Diameter of the beads: 2.5mm

Height of the "Tree of Life" pendant: approx. 12mm

Diameter of the chrome diopside: approx. 2mm

Material: 925 silver coated with 18-karat gold


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