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Small Talisman of the 7 Archangels Necklace

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Material:Silver Gold Plated
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The Small Talisman of the 7 Archangels, in its most subtle form, features a seal with a diameter of 12mm, made of high-quality 925 silver without nickel, and coated with two layers of gold. Our jewelry is distinguished by its delicate gold color, making it perfectly compatible with products made of 585 and 333 gold.

The Seal of the Seven Archangels is considered one of the most powerful protective talismans. The names of the seven Archangels are inscribed within a six-pointed star.
Archangel Zafkiel - divine justice. Supports us in challenges and dangers.
Archangel Zadkiel - manifests the face of God. Responsible for our happiness and joy.
Archangel Raphael - physical health. Assists in body regeneration.
Archangel Kamael - protects against evil forces. Supports psycho-physical energy.
Archangel Haniel - strengthens spirituality. Helps in finding one's life path.
Archangel Michael - guardian of people and earthly goods.
Archangel Gabriel - daily support. Assists us in every aspect of our daily life.

Quartz crystal, known as the king of crystals, was believed by the ancient Greeks to be ice sent by the gods, frozen in a supernatural way, hence its name from the Greek word “krystallos,” meaning “ice.”
Quartz crystal is a source of universal power symbolizing purity. It enhances the effects of other stones within its range.


Total length of the necklace: 42cm or 50cm

Diameter of the pendant is about 12mm

Natural quartz crystal with a diameter of about 2mm

Material: 925 silver coated with 18-karat gold


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