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The Elements Bracelet

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Material:Silver Gold Plated
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The ELEMENTS talisman is designed based on ETHER, an element that combines the other four elements - fire, water, air, earth. Ether is the quintessence of space, omnipresent and all-pervasive. The space of ether provides a psychological sense of peace and freedom. The symbol of ether is the foundation of this talisman and is present beneath each of the elemental symbols, emphasizing that each fundamental element is a part of it.

The talisman is adorned with a natural, hand-polished quartz crystal, symbolizing purity and serving as a source of universal power.

Four elements to choose from:

WATER - the symbol of the inner power of "flow." You decide when to go with the flow of life, and when to go against the current, doing so persistently until the end. Your determination is often admired. Water represents feminine energy strongly connected to the aspects of the Goddess.

AIR - the symbol of the power of "intuition." You are communicative, wise, and your power lies in your mind. You can blow away limiting thoughts and replace them with positive energy that enriches you. Air symbolizes the connection of the soul and the breath of life.

EARTH - the symbol of the power of "growth." You are nurturing, resilient, and strong. All life is precious to you. You feel best when close to nature, which gives you unlimited energy. Earth also symbolizes the hearth and the stability of family life.

FIRE - the symbol of the power of "truth." You are emotional, give in to passionate feelings, and can overcome the toughest obstacles. You possess strength that can destroy but also create. Fire represents a combination of sincere emotions and powerful strength.

At the center of the pendant, a natural hand-polished quartz crystal is placed.


Total length of the bracelet: 18.5cm or 21cm - adjustable with an extension in the range of 16-18.5cm or 16-21cm

The diameter of the bracelet beads is about 2.5mm

The diameter of the pendant is about 12mm

Material: 925 silver coated with 18-karat gold


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