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Moon Onyx Necklace

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Material:Silver Gold Plated
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The lunula symbol, also known as the lunar letter "C", is an iconic symbol that has had many magical meanings and uses over the centuries:

Protection - The lunula symbol was often used as a protective amulet. It was believed to protect against evil spirits and witchcraft, as well as provide physical protection from diseases and accidents.

Life-giving - Due to its shape, the lunula symbol was often associated with fertility and life-giving powers. It was believed to help in conception, facilitate childbirth, and ensure a long life.

Moon Magic - The lunula symbol was often used in moon magic, as its shape resembles a phase of the moon. It was believed to help in manifesting positive changes and attracting good energy.

Water Magic - Due to its shape and origin, the lunula symbol was associated with water and its magical properties. It was believed to help in healing, purification, and regeneration.

Ancestral Memory - The lunula symbol was also associated with the memory of ancestors and their powers. It was believed to help in discovering and understanding one's family heritage and history.

Onyx is a semi-precious stone with various shades of black, gray, and off-white, whose magical properties have been appreciated for centuries. Here are a few properties attributed to this stone:

Protection - Onyx is considered a protective stone that helps guard against negative energy, including the influence of harmful thoughts and emotions. It also helps protect from the influence of other people or external forces.

Emotional Stabilization - Onyx is thought to aid in emotional stabilization, as well as in reducing stress and anxiety. It is an ideal stone for those struggling with nervousness or unrest.

Strengthening Intuition - Onyx can assist in developing intuition, facilitating a connection with one's inner self and spirituality. It helps in understanding what is important to us and what our goals are.

Body Strengthening - Onyx can aid in strengthening the body, especially in cases of bone problems and immune system issues. It also helps improve blood circulation.

Release from Bad Habits - Onyx is believed to help break free from bad habits and addictions, such as smoking, drinking, or drug use. It assists in understanding what is harmful to us and what steps need to be taken to rid ourselves of these habits.

These magical properties of onyx are just a few of many attributed to this stone. Onyx is a stone that aids in spiritual, emotional, and physical development, and also helps in understanding what is important to us and what steps need to be taken to achieve our goals. Ag<5g


The necklace length is either 42cm, 50cm or 70cm

The diameter of the chain's beads is 2mm

The pendant height is about 21mm - the pendant has a clasp allowing it to be transferred to any chain

The diameter of the natural onyx is about 15 mm

Material: 925 silver coated with 18-karat gold


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